Sunday, 9 March 2014


Up early - taking the dogs to kennels later - waned to get them walked and fed , and let them have a break first. Yesterday was really hot and sunny, like early summer - made such a huge difference. Magnolia time.

Made the mistake of eating Quorn last night - felt quite ill afterwards and had a very restless night - and several pretty horrible dreams. So, that's another thing I can strike off the list.

As I'm going to be mostly tied up with work for the next few weeks - I've made the house tidy and will do all the washing later - including all the dog stuff, get that out of the way. I cleared up a bit in the garden yesterday and made the kitchen patio area look tidy - by the end of this month it will be much lighter, and a new tax year - hopefully get my bill down a bit if I'm canny.

I've developed an obsession with London property prices - the bubble really must burst at some point soon, I've found myself looking at obscenely over priced studio flats in the hinterlands of North London for over half a million and a service charge more than my current mortgage. I have to admit - I actually really liked this little chap - but I've always been attracted to quirky houses. The silly thing is, last time it went on the market - it would have been well within my range - now its about 250k too much. It's listed in different places as 'guide price' £350k - and £375k - silly money for essentially a walk in wardrobe. The house prices here have started to creep a bit too - partly because of the general creep in everything - we are apparently getting a slightly faster commuter service next year - the new H&M opens in two weeks and a large university student accommodation block is to be built in the centre of town, all good things. The new Tesco in Ore is doing well and soon there will be an Aldi. Progress of sorts.

I've had an email from the insurance company (only took a week) admitting that they have handled my claim badly and apologising for the lack of any reasonable communication, they are referring back to the Loss Adjusters - doubt it will get me anywhere - but it's worth a go. Have to do quite a bit of admin today and tie up some loose ends. I'll be too busy this week to worry about anything.

The one thing I hate about commuting to work and back - it really messes up my diet - I'll have to give that some serious thought today and try and plan ahead.

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