Saturday, 8 March 2014


Spent yesterday in London. Aside from the travelling - which wasn't too bad, as I had an audiobook - it was pretty good. First time in years that I've travelled to London via Victoria along the Gatwick route - mostly the same as it was 10 years ago, a bit more building in Croydon and lots of new estates outside London - but I quite enjoyed watching giant jet liners coming in to land a few feet above the train I was traveling on.

London was about 10 degrees warmer than Hastings, very hot and sunny. To get to my meeting I had to walk from Victoria to Sloane Square through some of the most expensive and exclusive streets in London. I looked through a lot of windows. The Kings road was full of people desperate to be looked at and there was a lot of very obvious Botox on show. Most of the people on the street looked like Russian mafioso or women of all ages who have never actually worked but still look stressed at the thought of having to carry yet another heavy shopping bag. They were usually dressed in black. The shops didn't look particularly interesting, except Heals - where they have a concession for Dyke and Dean - who have their main shop and studio in the building I work from in Hastings.

My meeting actually went really well indeed, I really liked the woman I presented to - and as I was there by recommendation, it was good for my ego. I was in a ground floor studio - facing Chelsea Manor Street - there was a ceiling to floor plate glass window in front of me which the woman I was talking to had her back to. I managed to give my presentation and have a nice long chat with her despite the fact that at one point - a tall, middle aged woman in a fashionable tweed suit got off her bike and chained it to a bollard in front of the window, and then spent a moment watching me try to look professional. It was Jerry hall. I didn't flinch. later - as I was leaving - I bumped into Sinitta. I wasn't impressed by that. She appears to have a head that's too big for her body.

I didn't want to waste a tenner on a sandwich for lunch - there were lots of fancy eating places - even the sandwich shops looked like they had a door policy. there was a grubby little Tesco express and I managed to get 3 assorted cheese sandwiches for 88p, which I ate walking around a very posh square of large stucco houses. There was a lovely garden in the centre but you needed to be a resident with a key to use it - the houses were spectacular but I don't think anyone actually lived it them - so the garden was wasted. I can conform to anyone who complains about dogshit in their own town - it's just as bad in Chelsea - a particularly large and evil specimen outside the house that used to belong to Edith Sitwell.

Got home in one piece and caught up with a regular client before home and bed. It's supposed to be sunny today - I'll try and make the most of it.


Anonymous said...

Jerry Hall is not a middle-aged woman ... she is an old woman ... in the final third of life expectancy for her age ... Anne in Cambridge ... 2 years younger than Ms Hall but also OLD ...

Richard de pesando MA(RCA) said...

She's 10 years older than me, I don't think that's old - I think 75 is old... or possibly 80!!


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