Saturday, 29 March 2014


Just picked the dogs up from kennels - £400 worse off. Small dog is happy to be home, Alfie Greyhound wants nothing to do with me.

Worked really hard all week - spent Friday in London, successful day - have plenty more work to look forward to - big presentation at the end of the month to prepare for. At this rate I'll probably be able to pay all my bills this year.

The builder is due back tomorrow to look at the roof again, the clocks go forward and I'm about to end another tax year.

Commuting is over for a while - quite glad, it was very expensive and I'm starting to put on weight from the extra 3-4 hours of siting down every day. Also looking forward to being less tired.

Going to probably need half a day to re-acclimatise to normal life - have quite a lot of work to do over the weekend and I'm trying to focus early. The house is fairly clean and tidy, but now that the dogs are back - that won't last.

Feeling fairly detached from the world after a month of working away - expect I'll be back on track in a few days - was supposed to be in London all weekend judging a design competition - really couldn't fit it all in, quite unhappy about that - but nevermind.

Both dogs are now soundly asleep - I expect them to stay like that all day.

During the week IO managed to catch up on more reading - quite a bit of Graham Greene - including 'May We Borrow Your Husband;' - which I liked very much - and a bit of John Wyndham - I re-read 'Day of the Triffids' and if you replace the plants with the walking dead - it works just as well.

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