Saturday, 22 March 2014


Another phenomenally hard week of work - and next week I'm treble booked - which is never ideal - but at least Im earning.

Up early to tidy the house - going to pick the dogs up shortly - and I'll spend the day sorting the house and catching up.

Quite an eventful week so far - I'll be back here later to retell all, but one anecdote - last night - after a very long and boring train journey home, I found myself caught short and needed a wee - as it was dark and I still had about a 20 min walk to get to the house, I popped behind a recycle bin at the top of the west hill, next to the allotments - where I assumed nobody was about. Alas, a young couple were 'in an embrace' - and as I already had my flies down, I think they assumed I was ready to join in. I 'made my excuses and left'

For some reason, yesterday - several hundred extra people decided to view this site. That scares me.

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