Saturday, 22 March 2014

Saturday evening

Quiet enough day - the dogs are fast asleep, popped into town and bought a weeks worth of vacuum packed ham bones for them - they go back into kennels in the morning for 5 days.

Last weeks is slowly fading. On Friday after work we all went to the launch night of a 'new concept' cocktail bar in Brighton - I didn't buy any drinks - which is just as well, a round came to £70. The idea behind the place is that you log onto their WiFi and select the songs they play from a directory - just a fancy juke box, really. I wasn't impressed - a bit over the top really and with the kind of staff that think it's REALLY IMPORTANT to make a drink into a public performance, they weren't that skilled and all clearly chosen for their looks. The toilets were so small that if there were 3 men in the gents at any time - in order that one could leave - you had to do a polite but awkward shuffling of the person pack - it won't last.

This week I have read 4 books on the train - including 'The Kraken Wakes' - which I really liked, It's a shame it's never been made into a film - it should be. I've had to listen to some inane conversations from other commuters - and a couple of women who worked in a care home debating their jobs - one said that she was perfectly happy to do a bit extra for the old people in her care - one was adamant that she wouldn't do anything she wasn't paid for. That's what happens when people become 'assets' and commodities in a corporate machine.

The weather has mostly been OK and I've worked really hard. It's been great working inhouse for a change - really like the small company environment and everyone is good at their job. One of the two guys who I'm working for was severely injured in a traffic accident a couple of years ago and is now in a wheelchair - his wife is just about to have a baby and he was due to go into hospital last week to repair some more damage but it was cancelled on the day because the surgeon had an infection - which is why I was booked to come in, but they are so busy I've stayed on regardless. I also start a new job on Friday in London and I'm still working with another company in Brighton so I'm very pleased to say I'm working hard and earning money.

The builders have been less than reliable, not a surprise.

It's Hastings half marathon tomorrow - it gets to be a bigger event every year, goes right by the house at around lunch time.

Managed to pop into my studio at lunch time - everything is intact, and we appear to have a new sofa.

Plan to stay in and watch a film tonight - working at home tomorrow - may do a bit of clearing up outside and possibly start painting over the render repairs at the front of the house. Too tired for anything else - I'll also be getting ready for next week - and as it's nearly April 1st, gearing up for the end of my tax year!

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