Friday, 7 March 2014


And I'm waiting for the appropriate moment to go to the station and travel up to London. It can't make it's mind up - will it be warm, cold, sunny, overcast, dry or wet? Regardless - I have made the wrong wardrobe choice. UI've left the dogs with two large bones that have large pieces of meat attached and look disconsertingly human. They were delighted.

I had my hair cut yesterday by a different barber - she was really nice and friendly, took twice as long as my other barber and seems to have done a good job - it also looks totally different, which is quite difficult when you are bald. I'll have to get used to it.

While waiting, and out of sheer boredom and unable to find anything interesting on the internet - I chanced upon the police video of Justin Beiber pissing into a plastic cup in a police station. I watched it with a bored resignation, wondering how we had come to this - fascinated that the policeman who was keenly observing the spectacle wore black latex gloves and appeared to sniff the pot after he'd finished. Give Bieber some credit - he did rush back and flush the chain. In other news, we might be having another european conflict as we stumble blindly back into the cold war - although about a month ago I was predicting war in Syria - we managed to dodge that bullet.

Another friend has sold their house and is attempting to move back to London. Swapping a large regency townhouse for potentially an X local Authority studio in Dalston isn't my idea of fun, but I wish them luck.

Interestingly - two friends have sold houses in the last week - both large, architecturally important, landmark buildings - and on both occasion - the London based cash purchases has said they don't want to do a survey.

I'm dreading this journey - 2.5 hours. I should really have taken the train to Brighton and caught the fast train to Victoria. Would have saved me 30 mins

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