Thursday, 20 February 2014


Working at home today - the insurance people are finally coming tomorrow - nearly 3 weeks after the storm damage. I want to get everything ready for them first and then crack on with work that needs to be ready for tomorrow.

Went to a leaving party last night - one of the designers at a consultancy I work with is moving back to London to take up a new job - his girlfriend is already working there and he's wanted to move back for a while - it's the right thing for them both, nice bloke - good at his job, don't envy him trying to make a life in a city where a house like mine costs 700k even in a really shitty area and between them they already have 50k worth of student debt.

I had a look at some houses in London during the week - mostly out of morbid fascination, the general trend seems to be solid, working class people nearing retirement age selling ordinary little houses that they have lived in all their lives and becoming instantly rich - but I have no idea who is buying them - how can it be possible to secure 7/8/900 000 worth of mortgage - or have the actual cash - to live in a little 2 up 2 down in a grim part of Stockwell or Norwood? I suppose if I won the lottery it would be easy to spend money like that - but if I'd actually 'earned' it - I'd never in all conscience be able to justify it. This is actually a pretty good read if you have 10 mins and a good perspective on the situation.

In other news - think I may have got one of my old students a job - pleased about that.

In the bar last night there was the launch party for a new local music publication, it's actually pretty good and well designed - the front cover and main interview is with Dave Parsons from Sham 69 - Hastings is full of retired punk rock stars, It's cheap and a bit random, they fit in.

Out of curiosity - here are some images of my flood damage - it's not getting any better - need the work done straight away, have no cash at all at the moment - really, REALLY need the insurance to pay up.

This is the upstairs landing ceiling.

This is what's left of the brick parapet that blew off and could have killed the old woman next door - I had to take 3 courses of brick down that were unstable. The flashing went with it - water comes into the roof, runs down inside the walls and under the floor - and leaks out into the dining room.

This is my dining room ceiling - it won't dry out.

This is the back wall of the dining room after I pulled all the soaking wet dry lining down - taking the kitchen floor up today so it can dry out.

I'm kinda bored with it all now. Still need a washing machine.

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Mitchell Carlson said...

Seeing all the damage that the storm done to your house must've been tragic. Thankfully, the insurance people already scheduled their visit to your house. That's a great start. I just hope everything went smoothly after their visit, so you can finally start the repairs to your home.

Mitchell Carlson @ Insure Your Company

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