Sunday, 2 February 2014

Sunday, more of the same.

It rained all day yesterday, all through last night and is still raining now. Trees and shrubs have started to move about as their roots fail to grip the soggy earth. At least the wind has died down and there was a short break so I could take the dogs for a walk. It's supposed to improve later.

Yesterday - some drama - a large rockfall on the seafront partly demolished some houses and trapped an elderly man in the rubble - they may need to demolish as many as 4 properties. By coincidence - last night I watched the Neil Jordan film Byzantium, most of which was filmed in Hastings - the main set being a property adjacent to the rock fall. I quite liked the film, it was very much the flip-side of his earlier film, 'Interview with a Vampire' - and much more modern and suggestive - closer to 'Let the Right One In' - but very effective - and it was strange to see my hometown as the set of a 'big' movie. A few people I know were in long shots and crowd pieces, they made it all look very glam.

As I was housebound yesterday - I did something practical and started building cupboards under the stairs - managed the framework - and did quite a decent job. It's the one part of the house where there is no damp or isn't a leak of some kind. I did my best to clean the house yesterday in the semi darkness, I probably missed loads. I also did quite a lot of washing, with much more to come today - not that it will dry..

I'm itching to put my onions out - I have 50 bulbs - it's a little early but I think I'll be OK - I have a load of old bread bins I'm going to use - and keep then down by the kitchen on the patio so they should cope really well. Mind you... they were very cheap - so I'll probably end up with runts and freak tubers.

Really heavy work day tomorrow - need to psych myself up - probably in Brighton on Tuesday - I also may need to go out later - so I'll crack on early and make sure I need nothing undone.

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