Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Years Day

Just had a threatening phone call - except it was a wrong number, "Hello, is that Coombe haven? I'm coming to get you!" - why anyone would want to threaten a holiday camp is beyond me.

I worked on the door at the masonic last night - it was a very random affair. The theme got very confused with most people just not understanding what 'Warhol, Factory, 70's New York' meant - and we had everything from 20's flappers, Austin Powers and a girl dressed as the big green monster girl from the Shrek movies. Being NYE - too many people turned up drunk already and were a pain in the arse.  The weather was awful so everyone had a coat, they were all black, and there wasn't enough space for everything. many people had umbrellas, bags and spare shoes that they demanded I look after too - and despite the fact that it's a free coat check, we don't get paid (all proceeds to to a local charity) and these are supposed to be grown adults - it was fairly unpleasant in parts. People were much ruder than usual, one well know local artist, a middle aged woman who should have known better, was very nearly removed by the bouncers after screaming and ranting because shoe couldn't take her bottles and drinks outside into the street at 1am to continue to party in peoples gardens..

Exchanges included...

me "what colour is your coat"her "brownybeigegreenpocketsparka"me "could you be more specific"her "I'm calling the police"me "whatever"


her - "you're such a rude man, I hate you, you're horrible - I want my coat now!"me - "what colour is your coat" her - "fur"

One strange thing was the number of people collecting their coats, who, when asked, 'what colour was is it' answered 'orange' - took me a while to realise that they were referring to their cloakroom ticket. As usual - everyone arrived at the same time and everyone wanted to leave at the same time. No idea what they were expecting but apparently didn't expect that there would be a queue. At the end of the evening they were all so drunk and distracted that they left me with the door takings, so 250 people at £15 per head mounts up - I had to walk home through town with a big bag of cash, pass all the pissed up town revellers.

The weather has been staggeringly bad all day - the COOP looks like it has been looted. I have to wait in tomorrow for my new broadband router to be delivered, they are coming next week to fit my fibre optic cable - I'll need to decide where it goes first.


Anonymous said...

Made me smile as ever, Happy New Year from Natalie

Unknown said...

Happy New Year.

Thank you for this year's couldn't be dull if you tried.

Richard de pesando MA(RCA) said...

thank you both.

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