Monday, 20 January 2014


Yes, I know it's been a bit quiet here - still struggling to get my head around the new year, seem to be back on track now. The weather is better today, still cold - but something approaching daylight. There was even a period yesterday when the house seemed bright and sunny and I opened a few windows.

Quite a bit of work on at the moment - just remembering how to manage it all. I was in Brighton last week - most interesting thing that happened was listening to two dreary middle class girls competing in the 'holiday of a lifetime' stakes - overheard one say to the other "So- I told her, get the fuck off my glacier".

I have a lot to do this week - and I really need to get my head straight. Feeling much better after giving up meat last year - had a couple of wobbly weeks when I wasn't sure what OI was supposed to eat - in cases like that, potato wedges and guacamole are always a big success. have not had anything to drink either - although I'm told that I've been bought a large bottle of vintage port as a thank you for running the coat check over the last few years at the Masonic (I've told them I'm not doing it again).

Out of boredom I grew a Peter Sutcliff style 'tache and sideburns last week - it actually suited me, but I shaved it all off over the weekend after a brush with psoriasis - I have some fantastic paraffin wax based cream that my sister gave me that fixes anything but it goes on better without a beard.

Part of my weekend was devoted to finding an optimum furniture layout for the house - I may have managed it - although there is an awful lot piled up in the spare room.

Still waiting for a client to pay me from last October.

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