Monday, 30 December 2013

Monday Morning

The weather is crap. Really high winds again and rain due all day. I've been in the garden since 6.30am trying to brace next doors massive wooden fences, they are on the way to ending up in my garden, and as the people next door can't even be bothered to clear the garden after a barbecue last year, I think I'm going to struggle to get it fixed. I've put up some timber props between the tallest part of the fence (10 feet ) and my kitchen and I'm hoping for the best.

At least I managed to remember it was our substitute bin day, I was getting overwhelmed.

I spent several happy hours yesterday cleaning up my tools, getting rid of old stuff, sorting all the screws and wall plugs, copper plumbing fittings an misc. electrical items. I also re-wired the kitchen lights - not as straightforward as it should have been - and digitised a load more CDs. A day of obsessive, compulsive bliss.

I'm due to go into the studio today but the weather is wretched, only a fool would venture outside, I'm already having second thoughts. There are plenty of things I can do here - tomorrow and Wednesday are already a write off - I might as well have a stab at trying to appreciate a little bit more time off.

Watched a load of old films yesterday between everything else - today's double bill courtesy iPlayer is 'Scott of the Antarctic' (a personal favourite) and the original hammer version of 'The Abominable Snowman'.

Hilarious fuss in the papers about charity shops being too expensive for bargain hunters, missing the point that they are actually there to make money. Most of the complaints are from people who cannot understand why you can't get a Prada skirt in the Hampstead Oxfam for 20p.

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