Wednesday, 6 November 2013


Very busy week so far, working hard - mostly walking around in the rain when I'm not at my desk.

had a wonderful moment yesterday, was in the Hospice charity shop and, after picking up a couple of lovely Rochas and Dunhill shirts, I felt that little tingle you get when 'something catches your eye' - walked away 5 mins later with a brand new, seemingly unworn, Aquascutum black corduroy tailored jacket with narrow lapels that seems to be this season - mis labeled as 'M women's coat' - it's a perfect fit and makes me look great. The bloke in there is half blind - but very fussy. In the Shelter shop - the bloke who does menswear is a middle aged compulsive obsessive homosexual - the best sort - he arranges all the clothes very carefully in colour co-ordinated groups, and seems to have a 'thing' about purple.

My mortgage company called to say that my bank had not paid my mortgage on time. I was very annoyed.

Bonfire night was very, very quiet - I'm delighted to say - although we may have a reprise at the weekend.

I have 2 weeks of solid work on a brand manual for a suite of cartoon characters - this is much, much harder than it sounds, but I'm really looking forward to getting started.

Last night I very carefully repaired the tiny tear in the arm of my 'good' leather jacket - the one everyone comments on. It was a Nicole Farhi sample that was mis-labeld as French Connection by the factory - but made up from about £1000 worth of kid leather, when the pricing came back from Italy it was discarded as 'un-manufacturable' and put into the 2nd's box, sold on in the factory shop to me for 20 quid. I'll never be able to afford to buy anything like that myself - so I'm making the most of it - it still looks fantastic, nearly 20 years after I bought it.

It's full on Xmas in all the shops - I'm already sick of it. There was a thing on the radio earlier about cancer of the oesophagus, and it's relationship with acid reflux. i wasn't really paying attention - but within 20 mins I had staggeringly bad heartburn... can you make that happen by just thinking about it?

Going to see 'The habit Of Art' tomorrow as part of the National Theatre birthday events - looking forward to it.

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