Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Wednesday extra post

It has taken 8 weeks to deal with my complaint to the power company because they had hidden a standing charge to my bill for gas, which I don't actually use. 4 letters, apologising for nor being able to deal with my complaining, and one phone call - and today, another letter, apologising again - and enclosing £20 in gift vouchers.  All I wanted was an apology.

I also had a letter from my mortgage company. Last month - my bank bounced my mortgage payment despite money being in my account - because it hadn't been there 'long enough' - and that's the time when everything started going wrong with my account because I told them it might have been compromised. The letter itself was actually quite straightforward, and as I paid my mortgage manually just a few days later as soon as I'd been informed of the mistake. The thing is, it's actually a very sinister and threatening letter - apparently, if my mortgage isn't paid within 11 days, they cancel my standing order and take it 'to the next stage'. They do say that we are all only 3 months away from homelessness. I am quite sure it's less than that.

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