Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Tuesday night.

Worked stupidly hard all day - flying blind a bit as the client is away until Thursday, there is always the potential of being asked to start again..

Someone paid an invoice today - enough to cover my next mortgage payment and a couple of bills. I was more excited and relieved than you can possibly imagine. Despite working hard all the time I'm struggling at the moment with the vagaries of a single income household and a very irregular income - a large payment a few weeks ago has already vanished as bills, costs, expenses and a bit of pre-payment that took huge chunks out of it - leaving me as skint as usual. It's starting to really get me down now - I had a conversation with someone at the studio - we both admitted that despite being very good at our jobs, and very hard working - we both earn much less than we did 15 years ago, and constantly lose work to people who are less talented and experienced than we are. Someone else at work is substituting his income by buying up domain names - sitting on them for a while, and then selling them on - he's actually doing quite well out of it. I'm getting to the point where the unremitting grind of scrabbling around for money, trying to persuade people to pay me properly and battling to get paid on time, is frankly - wearing very thin indeed. I came home to a scene of carnage where one, or possibly both or the dogs has totally destroyed anything resembling soft furnishings. I'm quite pissed off. I have no idea why I bother anymore.

Just so you know, I've never liked Nigella Lawson and am finding great amusement in the 'Higella' story - and I have no sympathy whatsoever with Andrew Mitchell - who will probably now spend the rest of his career telling people how 'wronged' he was. Fuck him.

I know 2 people who are being deported later this year. One American, one Canadian. Both highly educated, working, tax paying - both did at least one degree in the UK - which they paid for ( and are still paying for ) - both pay taxes and both working in higher education. Neither have ever claimed benefits or been in any trouble - one has been here 6 years, one 8. Cameron is happy to proclaim fast tracking citizenship if you are an 'asset' - he means financial - the government needs to understand what 'asset' and 'investment' actually mean.

No news about the 'incident' at 5.30am on Sunday morning outside the local sex and strippers club ( yes, we do have one ) - man arrested for attempted murder, mowing down a 20 year old girl with a motorbike.

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