Saturday, 23 November 2013


The people next door are having a massive row.

Managed to do OK at work in the end, everything came together on Friday and the client is happy - have loads to do next week - but that's fine - I'm on top of everything and I like where it's going. Met up with some other designers last night ad had a couple of drinks, very cheery - as usual, the conversation gravitated towards cashflow, or lack of. We are all in the same boat.

Managed to get access to my bank account yesterday afternoon after another visit to the local branch. Waste of a lot of my week. Very tired today, a full week of getting into the office early and concentrating for 8 hours at a time with a cloud of panic and self doubt hanging over me can be quite wearing.

I'm supposed to go to a party tonight - it's a 40th, a 'prom' style event in a local bar. Am in 2 minds. It's an expensive bar. One of the dogs has gutted a cushion - there are tufts of fluffy white stuffing all over the house - it's lighter than air so it's floating about like little ghosts.

There is a really interesting series of programs on the radio about Dr Who - but I can't get past Mark Gatiss narrating . I'm forced to listen to the radio on headphones at work because of background noise - but it's impossible to be comfortable with headphones and glasses, very sore ears.

The Canadian branch of save The Children has been 'forced' to go through a re-brand. Apparently someone noticed that they used the font 'Gill Sans' - and - deciding that Eric Gill wasn't really the nicest of people ( great designer, inspired craftsman, not really 'parent' material ), it was decided to pull the work in case anyone thought you could catch being a paedophile from using a typeface. I always thought Canadians were quite smart.

The postman just delivered my water bill. It's for 7 months. The actual cost of the water I used is £29.23. The total on the bill is £126.75. Various other charges that I have control over. I read an article about a man who had his water cut off and just did everything with bottle spring water - and it was much cheaper. I can see his point.

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