Saturday, 5 October 2013


Very busy week - worked really hard - a day at home and then I have to work on Sunday - I'd forgotten that they are coming on Monday to remove the gas supply from my house so that I don't get charged 50p per day for a non existent supply.

This week has been a bit of a blur - we had a massive electrical storm - ii saw the dramatic aftermath of a pensioner tripping over  paving stone outside Debenhams ( ambulance, saline drip, accident investigators etc ), bought a tailored and perfectly fitted Hackett men's suit from the hospice shop for a fiver, ate 3 MacDonalds breakfasts on the run and spent a whole day in IBS hell as a result - forced myself to watch 'Supesize me as punishment', and managed to spend very little money  not that I have any. Vaguely thinking about buying a lottery ticket.

Just found myself in agreement with a scientist on the radio advocating rice that has been genetically modified to have a high beta cerotine content to address the problem of very low vitamin A levels in diets where there are malnutrition problems - Tony Juniper from Greenpeace was very anti the whole thing came across as a smug, white, well fed, middle class twat who was more interested in hiding behind principles than actually helping anyone - and similarly got into an argument with someone about plain cigarette packaging - who refused to accept that branding seduces kids into smoking ( believe me, it does) and protested that there were other more important issues that will never be solved, so lets just wave a lot of flags and do nothing.

I need to spend all day cleaning the house - despite the fact that the dogs are not allowed upstairs - there is a tick layer of dog hair under the bed, dunno how it gets there. The kitchen looks like a bomb hit it and there are piles of socks and shoes everywhere. I really need to try harder. Getting home from work, there is very little light left in the evening - and it's dark when I get up. Depressing.

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