Friday, 11 October 2013


Huge workload today. As the bike is off road I have to walk in to the studio in the rain, and thanks to small dog bullying big dog now that he's going a bit senile - have had no sleep - up 3 times in the night to get her out of his bed so he would stop crying. Alfie greyhound now refuses to get into bed unless I make it first and still can't seem to quite remember what to do next.

Let is sore but not as bad as I had feared. Eyes are sore - last thing I need.

Next door have put out at least 25 bin bags, no idea what that's all about. I'm assuming that now there is another child, they may be considering moving ( house has only a box room and a main bedroom). Hopefully that means they will do something about the tip they call a garden.

Meeting a new client at lunchtime and another piece of branding to start next week. My finances are a bit fucked at the moment - so I need everything that comes my way.

Was in Brighton with clients earlier in the week - ended up walking past my old house. Brighton is even more 'Brighton' than usual - nobody seemed to be over about 30, saw several actors of the TV and a lot of people who seemed to be very rich and very smug. The old casino by the station is now a multi storey hotel, seems to have appeared overnight.

There are a large number of rough sleepers in town, and several blokes who are earning money by making sand sculptures of dogs. They are semi-realistic and frankly a bit sinister, I presume they are supposed to look cute but they actually look as though they have just been beaten.

Oh great... thunder and lightning.

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