Wednesday, 11 September 2013


Another very flat day. Not very nice outside, overcast and potentially wet, not warm, not very friendly. Have just completed a marathon typing session of about 4 hours, putting a proposal together. Sent off now - probably never to be heard from again.

Looks like we are almost back up to full strength at the studio - some more people in again today to take spaces - when they have all moved their stuff in, it will feel a lot better.

Very curious about the Le Vell trial, there seemed to be no evidence, actual or circumstantial, no context, no opportunity - not even hearsay - there was no attempt to explain the relationship between him and the girl, or her family - not any possible connection - rather looked like the CPS felt they needed to continue because of all the bad publicity - but neither themselves, the police not the prosecution seemed to be putting much effort into the case. I actually feel sorry for him, he's a complete wreck. The papers and a number of 'commentators' who should now better are milking all the subtext they can from it "The Jury at least have found him innocent" - (SkyNews)

Comedy and tragedy watching Obama squirm as he is outmanoeuvred and outclassed by the Russians. I'm quite sure that it will all end in tears - and I should get a T shirt made with 'No Boots On The Ground" printed on it.

House is looking a little shabby, only just managed to find the strength to unpack my back from last week - still not got my head around being home. Very unsure about how work will pan out over the next couple of weeks, so I don't know if I have the time to start anything yet - going to try and rustle up a few meetings this week - may well be in London at some point before the weekend.

The dogs are still very passive after their fun in the kennels, mostly lolling about on chairs. They both need a shampoo - Kennels always make them smell.

There is someone practicing their guitar in the building opposite, it's probably not the best instrument for them.

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