Sunday, 1 September 2013


Early morning, dogs walked - and a particularly turgid mass on the radio with the kind of over enthusiastic traditional hymn singing that reminds me of Sunday Church as a child, gritting my teeth and wishing it was all over soon.

Watched Obama live last night, he either A - made the speech Cameron really wished he's made a long time ago before he tainted his premiership forever and proved once again that all political careers end in failure - or B - shrunk back from the idiotic bravado of last weeks posturing after seeing what happened in Parliament. Lets see, it pretty clear that nobody has a fucking clue what they are doing, and can't agree anyway. Id Obama thinks Congress will demand anything less than a full military engagement - he's a fucking idiot, unless that's what he wants.

According to the papers, the UK recovery is gaining momentum - not far or fast enough for me, and I certainly see scant evidence where I am. I really like this house - it's staggeringly cheap, in fact, it would be considerably cheaper than anywhere else I've ever bought - a lot less than this place - but it's out of my range. It would be perfect for me, right by my studio and the centre of town, amazing views - really convenient and a nice long term project, - the people living there have obviously made a bit of a mess of it - but look carefully at the previous selling price...... it's in small print on the right. No, I really don't things are looking that good yet. Things at my place are looking decidedly rocky this weekend - I'm trying not to think too hard about things but I'm having a 'sink or swim' day tomorrow.

I just had a very confusing moment on with radio, they introduced Simon Callow and I expected Simon Cowell - sent a very cold shiver down my spine.

I only have enough washing powder left for a single was.... you decide, sheets, socks or shirts?

The shops are already stocking winer and xmas products, we have our bonfire night here in about 4 weeks, I think the weather will turn very quickly this year.

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