Thursday, 22 August 2013


I spent yesterday in London, more dental work. I've also had a filling replaced - it now looks better than a real tooth. I'm considering embezzling enough money to have the rest of my teeth 'improved' by pretending they all need fillings.

London was hot and sunny, very good weather - everything looks shiny and bright. There was a thick mist across much of the South Downs, like a sea fret but warmer. There was a woman on the train with a toddler who wouldn't shut up - and sounded EXACTLY like the child from The Exorcist. A middle aged man in a suit was leaning over his computer - he was overweight and his underpants were showing through where his shirt had ridden up - they were printed with a marijuana leaf pattern. He looked absurd - perhaps it was a mid life crisis.

I'm working in my own studio today - in-house tomorrow. Quite happy to be here in the quiet, catching up on stuff.

My mate John gave me a proof copy of his new book yesterday - it's great, comes out in November - I get a name check and there are some of my photographs in there too. You can pre-order a copy here! I've already managed to read big chunks and it's a really fantastic book, so well done John!

I've only just realised it's a bank holiday - I'm determined to make use of it - last weekend I totally forgot that it was Eastbourne Air Show, annoyed about that. A work mate told me yesterday he was playing cricket on his village green and a Lancaster, Spitfire and Hurricane flew over at low level - he said it was very surreal.

The verdict and sentence on the Manning trial didn't surprise me at all, I think Obama has turned into a very cowardly president who has promised much and delivered very little, just maintained a status quo - which some people might call a triumph, I call a tragedy.

Little Mouse has started behaving strangely again - sitting on the Kitchen floor looking very intently into the corner for hours - I have a feeling that it's rodent related, one of the drawbacks of country living - and something to do over the weekend.

I might possibly have buggered up all my online Apple and Adobe settings by getting the passwords mixed up - this could end in tears.

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