Thursday, 15 August 2013


Working in-house again today - getting a bit tired already this week lots of different projects on at the same time - creative work and copywriting - my heads full of stuff and all a bit confusing. Went to bed at 9pm last night and watched half a film on youtube before falling asleep. Hot and muggy already - hope it calms down a bit later, already starting to feel like Autumn, only one bank holiday left this year. Going in a bit early today to try and catch up.

I went into Waterstone's yesterday lunchtime.  It was really interesting, the stock seemed better - the new books looked really interesting, the quality of design was far better, there were better printing effects and quality, better papers, better binding - even better books. It was really interesting that classics were just as well presented as new books, and hardbacks were HUGE. Books are expensive - so they need to reflect that investment. I'm loathe to finish a book I've paid good money for and let it sit around unloved, it needs to be something I can pick up and enjoy for other reasons too. We had a look at the Kindles, I couldn't make it work - I tried using it like an iPhone but it just felt like a cheap plastic drinks coaster. I got nothing from it.

Quite a good article here about how we view our towns, and tastes in architectural fashion, Last night I started watching a film about the centre of Hastings during the mid 80's - essentially 2 hours of un-narrated film coverage of empty shops - the most remarkable thing, how many great 1920's and 30's properties, mostly shops, have now gone - that, and the traffic - massive amounts of traffic in the middle of town.

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