Thursday, 1 August 2013


After a cool day yesterday - it's going to nudge 32 later, I'm preparing myself mentally.

Inhouse again today, quite busy.

Last night I has accosted by a drunk woman, perfectly friendly - but very, very drunk. Works on the Elizabeth Arden counter at Debenhams, used to be a fashion stylist, if I'd asked - she would probably have given me her bank cards and PIN number. Her husband was equally drunk and just sat there smiling. This was about 6.30pm. I told her my name was John and escaped as quickly as possible. Nice enough - but drunks terrify me. She was also very loud and rambling.

In the space of a week - thanks to a little rain - there are dock leaves the size of Rhubarb all over the garden, and bindweed like something from the Jungle.

I'm working at a party at the Masonic Hall on Friday night - I have already been sent a list of people who require ramp access for wheelchairs.

Bit knackered already - I had to read, and re-read a very complex and boring document last night in preparation for a piece of work, apparently it took several years to write and even the author found it boring. I have to make it 'sparkle'. Somehow. Actually, quite like stuff like that.

Managed to get myself into a complex situation with software licensing - if I want to upgrade my work software, I shall be paying £47pcm from now until forever. I resent that. There was a discount offered until last night but I have a shared license with another designer - so I would have been paying to upgrade his software too. Not really practical. Have to pay full whack. Annoying.

Nothing on the news is very cheerful.

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