Saturday, 17 August 2013


Long week, finally over - am exhausted, really need a day off now - but have stacks to do. The house is a mess, it's probably going to rain later and I have a lot of  washing to do. I really need a break. I've run out of coffee and I'm drinking quite vile tea, I didn't know tea could go off?

We have been given the go-ahead for a new pier - work starts in September, and a new vintage clothes shop is about to open (later today) a few doors away from the studio. There is no food in the house - I could stay in and just eat muesli, but at some point I'll need to go outside again (not including dog walks). Got home from work last night just in time to listen to a fairly good David Hare play on the radio, even if it was a bit 'posh' and I couldn't connect with it.

I think I have some eggs in the fridge.

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