Saturday, 10 August 2013


Long dog walk completed. All the camp sites full - it's carnival tonight, lots of incomers. All the streams are in full flow - not sure why, have not had that much rain.

Yesterday - became a fully paid up 'Creative Cloud' member - thats just shy of £50 pcm to have unlimited use of about £4k worth of industry standard software. After 20 years of coughing up large sums of cash - it's going to be an interesting experience. So far... no glitches. Already had an auto update after just 12 hours.

Last night, rather than go out on the piss, I ate oven chips and watched 'An Englishman Abroad' - I had a brief affair with someone in that film when I was very young - no, not Corale Brown ( that would have been an experience!) - and they had a non-speaking role anyway, but it was strange how 'old' it all looked. I then watched Prunella Scales in 'The Queen' - the one about Anthony Blunt, it was as good as I remembered.

There are still people on serious radio programs trying to contextualise 'bongo-bongo land'. It's just pathetic.

It's going to take all day to clean this house. For the last few nights I've been able to hear a low hum at night - I assumed that it was either ear wax or something wrong with the clock radio again. During the dog walk it struck me that I'd heard that sound before - last time was when I had a wasps next in the loft. REALLY don't need a repeat performance. I'll investigate later when I'm feeling braver.

I've been running this blog for roughly 6 years now - since I moved here, despite the fact everything is archived, I've never once felt the need to go back and re-read anything. I have a feeling that my 'style' has changed in tandem with my work and financial situation - I generally swear more when I'm stressed and angry and don't like who I'm working for, and less when I'm busy. My attention to spelling and detail may have improved - but my attention span hasn't. I suspect I've become much duller - but that's fine. It's useful for me to write something every day, even if I have very little to say.

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