Saturday, 3 August 2013


Watching something on iPlayer about Caligula with Mary Beard ( presented by, not in a compromising position or anything )

Very, very tired today. Worked hard all week and then worked on the door at the Masonic last night. Cycled home at 2am, exhausted. It was an interesting experience - a combined 50th birthday and charity event, and one point I had several thousand pounds in a box in front of me - not comfortable about that. One of my duties was dealing with wheelchair access - I had to assist people up a set of stairs at the back via a ramp. As I was guiding one person she put her foot on the pedal - had no idea these things were so powerful, nearly wrenched my arm out of it's socket.

Today has been a write off, just too tired to do anything. I bought a healthy dinner, which cost twice as much as an unhealthy dinner and a four pack of lager.

During duller than average parts of today, I wandered over to twitter. Apparently - tomorrow, large numbers of self absorbed opinion makes will be boycotting twitter - well, not exactly - they will be lurking in the background to see if anyone mentions them, and constantly re-tweeting the hashtag, just to let everyone know they are still there. It's supposed to be as a 'solidarity' thing for people who have been bullied and abused on the service. Actually - it's mostly people who area angry and ashamed that they themselves have not been singled out for abuse. Personally - I want there to be a backlash against passive aggressive tweets, and people who post anything, anywhere that comprises a statement with the word 'No?' after it.

It's Hastings Carnival tonight. I've missed the parade, the carousing, the drinking and a fat teenage girl being driven up and down the street in a tiara - and later I'll miss the fireworks and more drinking. The side streets of the Old Town will run with blood, piss, vomit and spilt beer. Early night for me.

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