Monday, 19 August 2013

Monday Morning

I'm working in one studio but doing stuff for another - complicated, but workable.

A girl just passed the window, I've seen her 3 times in a week - each time with a different hair colour, obviously last Friday's yellow/blonde didn't work for her - she's now a brunette.

Perceptibly cooler this morning at about 6.30am when I was dog walking, but warmer again now - it's been a good enough summer, but the sea never really warmed up as I'd expect it to.

I'll be doing a lot of archiving today, I'm well behind - the last thing I need is another crash and data loss.

Cycle in made me breathless - 3 occasions of chips and one sandwich last week and I'm back to wear I was months ago - amazing how much damage a relapse to carbohydrate rich food can do - feel like an old man - was breathless on the stairs.

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