Monday, 12 August 2013

Monday Morning

Warm but manageable, still quite a few people on the campsites - it's the end of the school holidays soon -probably explains it. Everything is getting overgrown, woods, hedgerows etc, lots of butterflies about - a relief, have seen so few this year. I like the end of summer, autumn is always better.

Yesterday, watched a load of crap films - and also 'Airport 75' with Karen Black - the one where she has to fly the plane. Despite the sprinklings of retro racism and sexism - and a freakishly young Sharon Gless, who appeared to be about 12 - I really enjoyed it. I had to go into the kitchen during the part where Hellen Reddy as an excruciatingly 'nice' nun sings and plays guitar for Linda Blair - and Gloria Swanson in her last role is a hoot.

Working in-house today and tomorrow, feeling a bit behind already, the weekend is a blur of inactivity. Still have not checked the loft for wasps nests. I have very little money so there is no point actually doing anything and quite a few expenses coming up. For some reason I feel pretty tired and washed out today. It's also my first full day working in CS6 - lets hope it's a smooth one.

Ruby Wax on the radio earlier - she's one of those people that I apparently 'should' like - like Stephen Fry, but can't actually stand. She made me grind my teeth.

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