Friday, 30 August 2013


I'm glad it's the end of the week - it's been pretty heavy, work wise, and I'm very tired.

I wen't into my studio at 7.30am yesterday with the intention of catching up before I started my in-house job at 9am, but I'd forgotten to take a keyboard so I couldn't use the computer - so I ended up sitting outside Costa, watching them put up the fruit and vegetable market, in the sunshine, just off the seafront. It was lovely - really cheered me up.

Looking forward to a break over the weekend.

A friend is getting married today, I'm not a fan of weddings and I have too much work to do - but I wish her well, she's a smart girl - and has one of the few tattoos I actually approve of. Her dad used to play in the Steve harley - he was a 'Cockney Rebel' - Clarse!

Watched the parliamentry debate live in bed last night - they all looked like idiots, bawling and braying and then off to the bar for drinkies. Do I think Assad is a monster - yes, of course! Do I have any confidence in the west and military action, no, I don't. Whatever happens, it won't end well.

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