Wednesday, 3 July 2013


Honestly can't decide if I should bother going to work. Which means I probably will. Have already dog walked and drunk too much coffee. It's still a bit wet and cold, a repeat of last summer in every detail.

My options are - dig a big trench in the garden and bury some more rubble, clear the loft and pack up more stuff for the charity shop, or go to work and continue piecing together all the stuff I lost when the hard drive died - including a lot of things that I SWEAR I backed up already but cannot find.

I spent a couple of hours last night working my way through hundreds of bookmarks ( thank you Google Chrome!) and deleting anything dead / archiving anything decent. I have Tumblr sites for image archiving for work - so they are safe, and everything that I need admin-wise is now backed up on Google Drive - can't do any better than that. The revenue will let me download all my tax returns - I'll keep a set of them, just in case.

Kerry Katona made bankrupt again, no great shakes there "Fast Cash for Fast Lives' - not the best copy line ever written. She's going to 'keep her head held high and not let it get her down". That's nice - you've pissed away two fortunes - that's some talent.

The Snowden dram continues to unfold towards it's inevitable end. It will be sad and messy. Bloke on the radio talking about the American Justice system was very detached from reality. The Manning trial continues, as the prosecution rests it's case and Assange continues to make life difficult for himself - and uncomfortable for everyone else - a fair trade.

I'm covered in insect bites, could really do without that - must have some Zirtek somewhere.

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