Tuesday, 23 July 2013


Bloody hell, it's hot. we had about 15 mins rain last night and a couple of flashes of lightening - it's now so humid I can hardly move. The dogs are tetchy and the light has that closed, dense quality that makes it even more oppressive.

I've managed to score a bit of extra work starting tomorrow, so I can stop fretting. I've booked my tickets for Edward II in September as a result. I am getting a bit worn out by the instability of work now, 25 years of freelance is a bit exhausting. I've been thinking about it quite a lot recently, the kind of work I want requires so much unpaid input to secure, it's not worth doing - I'm going to have to think about the future more carefully - I have at least 20 years of working life in front of me, and at least 20 years after that - on my income. Not really looking forward to any of it.

The whole 'baby' thing is so boring and pointless, I'm going to be charitable and let people have their fun until the end of the week before I start lashing out.

Watched the Taylor/Burton thing last night - didn't really like it. Didn't recognise either of them in it, seemed very speculative and transparent, and it didn't feel of the time - but then... it's a TV play, not a Hollywood movie with a big budget - so what do I know.

The dogs what to go out - which will shortly be followed by them wanting to come back in again.

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