Thursday, 25 July 2013


Up early - working in house today, finished in reasonable time last night and bumped into someone I know who has been off work with hypertension, lovely to catch up. Too hot to sleep well last night. Went to bed early, just in case. Watched a few conspiracy theory films on youtube in bed for fun. Giant space ship on the moon etc.

Working in Leicester tomorrow. As long as it's a straightforward journey - both ways, it will be fine. Have to dress for a reception in the late afternoon. Hate stuff like that.

Small dog managed to get pollen up her nose - she's been making the most frightening noises all morning to try and clear it - am having to leave the room regularly.

We've won some more important work because of my written pitch - frankly - I'd quite like to just write for a living, finding it far more interesting that design work at the moment.

I'm going to take the final bucket of cherries into work - just can't eat any more.

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