Sunday, 14 July 2013


A couple of days trying ( and succeeding ) to get over a really bad chest and head cold - I now understand why people in their 30's can die of pneumonia - have never had a bad chest before - fortunately - a couple of hand fulls of Sudafed and a day in bed on Friday, and I feel 99% again.

Big improvements in the garden, more and more topsoil distributed to willing neigh ours - I have to stop now because I need some railway sleepers, then I can level the first part with pea shingle - and I'm done. Looks great, very happy with everything out back.

Have discovered a youtube channel of over 1000 classic TV productions, last night was a joy - I started with 'Spend, Spend, Spend' - then 'Burgess, Philby and McClean' - and after that - the final episode of 'She Devil' - dunno who this account belongs to - but they seem to have digitised every single play for today in very high quality - it's the fund of the year, I may never leave the house again. If you have not seen in - this was one of the best things ever broadcast on British Television, don't miss it.

The Trayvon Martin case was the visit thing I saw this morning - depressing, followed by a report that the good looking bloke from a TV show Ive never seen had been found dead. Even more depressing. I', going to the studio later because the cable that may.... or may not fix my computer has arrived, and I'll know within about 10 mins if I can save or junk my laptop.

The bloody royal baby was due yesterday - I'm on lockdown already.

Talking of which, I find myself today at an age I never thought I'd reach. 47 is actually a very interesting number in maths and popular culture - not sure what it will have in store for me, but I like the fact that it's a prime. I may go to the cinema later to watch Pacific Rim, I like a bit of trash entertainment. If I go early, it will be quiet. I'm really short of cash at the moment and I'm spending most of next week in London, so I need to be fairly careful. I'll be working In-house tomorrow, don't know about Tuesday yet - then it's up early and dogs into kennels - On Wednesday I'm going to see Anne Marie Duff on stage in Strange Interlude - and later, John Sim in The Hot House - love a bit of Pinter. Full on day of solid culture.

It's early Sunday and the god slot is on the radio - very baroque church service, quite like it. Really hot outside already - expecting all my neighbours to be in their gardens burning meat at lunch time.

My favourite news story of today. The English Defence League have been caught using 'Iff You Tolerate This" by the Manic Street Preachers as a musical backdrop for one of their fascist video presentations - totally oblivious to the anti-fascist sentimentality of the song, or the legal muscle of the band, happy days.

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