Sunday, 14 July 2013

Sunday evening

Very hot day, very pleasant. Cleaned more of the house, walked the dogs, did the washing - usual stuff. Went into town and spent about half an hour in the studio - I replaced the little cable between the hard drive and the motherboard on the broken mac, it took 10 mins and cost about 15 quid. Worked straight away. Mac is now back to perfect condition, 3 engineers, one expensive and unnecessary new hard drive later. Quite happy with that. Have now synced both laptops and am taking full advantage of Google drive.

Cycled through Hastings and along the seafront. They usually print pictures of Brighton in the papers when it's hot - the pebble beach crowded with half naked suburbanites - today, it was just the same in Hastings. I also managed to cycle up the hill in one go - without stopping. Not bad for an old crock.

I cleared a few weeds from the front of the house, one of them didn't agree with me and I was covered in hives all day - huge, livid red wheals.

Read up on tomorrows work, know what I'm doing there - have a couple of cans of virtually alcohol free beer and a piece of cheese for later. Just trying to decide what to watch, probably something trashy with monsters.

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