Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Shit Tuesday

Really horrible day so far. Managed to get trapped in the studio for an hour during an horrendous rainstorm, we've been begging for it all week and it comes at the wrong possible time. Spent the morning fretting about money and work, went to a meeting to pick up some work, went back to the studio and fretted some more. Couldn't get the dogs into the kennels for September - began to panic - a lot - managed to get them in somewhere much more expensive instead, so continued to fret about money and work.

I'm inhouse tomorrow and need to be there very early - so I've come home to clean house and make sure every thing's OK for me in case I'm there for the rest of the week - which would really suit me, should know tomorrow.

Very hot, clammy and sweaty again. Roll on a cool breeze

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