Saturday, 27 July 2013


I worked in Leicester yesterday - I've been involved with the development of a new kind of legal practice, essentially a charity - that takes up where the legal aid system used to be. I've developed the brand, worked with Playne developing the site - (not the programming, that's clever people) - and helped with the copywriting They just launched yesterday and are moving to a fast server next week. There was a big launch last night at Leicester cathedral - we walked over the car park where they found the bones of King Richard last year. It was lovely - really pleased with all the work and the lovely people I've met.  The site is here - it looks very different on a mobile phone, it's designed to adapt to the platform it's on - and has just gone live now. Really excited for them. If you are in the city of Leicester and need any legal help - you know where to go. I worked with Playne Design, where I do my in house stuff. Great experience - but a lot of hard work. For me, the most interesting part was the research - there is NOTHING I can't tell you about Leicester and how the social networks there are developed and interact.

Really busy week - did a lot of work for a big London based body which is ongoing and looks like it could be quite exciting too.

Had to put the dogs in kennels yesterday for a night so I could spend all day in Leicester - it's not my usual place, they were already full, this one is an hours walk away - picked them up this morning so they are fast asleep now. The extra stimulation always wears them out. We just had a very short and unimpressive storm. It's now so close and humid that I get dizzy standing up.

Yesterday, I stripped the last of the cherries from the tree - put them into a bag after rinsing and drying them - and took them with me to the kennels to deliver the dogs  ( I was given a lift there by the studio manager ) with the intention of giving them to the studio. As I got out of the car and picked up the brown paper bag, the bottom fell out and about 30 quids worth of ripe cherries scattered all over the car park floor. I walked away, tears brimming in my eyes.

If I don't get an invoice paid on Monday - I won't be able to pay my mortgage. Single income households. What a shit life.

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