Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Working inhouse again today - probably copywriting for part of it - I like that!

Have the first hayfever attack of the year and have been eaten alive by midges and other carnivorous insects on the early dog walk.

Worked until late last night and we had a burger 'on the office' - nice!

Every time I have a quiet moment and let my mind wander - I keep thinking of new plot-holes in World War Z. It occurred to me earlier that the scene where Peter Capaldi interrogates a tied up and recently woken up from surgery Brad Pitt in an attempt to figure out who he is, was totally bogus - as they could have just asked the Israeli intelligence officer who was with him, I'm sure she would have been happy to tell him, besides.... EVERYBODY knows who Brad Pitt is.

Osbourne will announce billions more spending cuts today - not looking forward to that one.

This is the first article I have read about the Forrest case which actually makes sense. I've only taught in further and higher education myself, where staff/student relationships are not illegal - but just 'frowned' upon - and personally - I think they are very wrong - there are different ways of classing 'abuse' - and students I have known who have had relationships with staff members have been harmed by the experience - one way or another, even if they are 'adults'. I've avoided this subject - I don't think it should ever have been in the papers, it's become another type of titillation, pornography by another name - which as the article suggests, just makes it worse.

Severa of the other designers in my studio are in the process of moving out this week to a bigger studio in St Leonards, an area called Mercatoria - which is as romantic as it sounds - situated near Bohemia - which is less so. Going to have a big clear up and re-organisation and then start looking for new tenants.

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