Wednesday, 12 June 2013


Rain. This summer is turning into a repeat of last years.

All the seagull nests have chicks, which means that parts of Clive Vale are now a no-go area for the next 9 months - I was attacked at 6am by a particularly large and vicious fucker whilst trying to pick up an unusually large dog shit - not the most dignified start to the day. I was watched from a bedroom window by an old woman in a pink dressing gown - I hope she had a good laugh, my life is turning into an episode of One Foot In The Grave.

Yesterday managed to be full on and very difficult - without actually achieving anything, I had a 'proper' headache by about 7pm - something I never usually suffer from, I kept having to check with myself that I hadn't been out on the piss last night.

Have started to remember things that impact on my tax return - for the better - should be able to get it down a bit more without having to lie - which I never do. I'm going to see a big show at the South Bank in September with The Tiger Lillies - I was told to buy the tickets online and ask for a concession, apparently they 'never check' - I didn't, of course, I'm too honest, and ended up paying far more. I'll probably find myself lying to cover up for my cowardice.

I'm not really engaging much with the outside world - I'm too busy and it makes me too angry - I keep dipping in and getting Ed Snowden mixed up with Lord Snowden.

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