Tuesday, 4 June 2013


I'm waiting for a delivery, due today or tomorrow - so I'm taking the opportunity to do some stuff at home - including washing all the green mould off the front of the house and window frames. There is some risk of death that comes with hanging out of windows - but I'll take my chances. A few cracks in the render need attention - and I'm half minded to start the job of painting the front door and door frame. It occurred to me yesterday that I might have a bit of a quiet patch coming at work - I'm already fretting.

There is a company around the corner who clear rubbish - might see if it's cheaper and easier than getting a skip - do it all in chunks. I'm tempted to get the brazier out and burn some old timber - but last time I did that some old cow from one of the houses at the back wrote a letter to the paper and they printed it, complaining that 'I f I'd decided to do something that day - it would have been ruined' - she seems to have missed the fact that it was November and raining.

Weird, frustrating dog behaviour from Alfie greyhound who now spends all his time wandering slowly around the downstairs, standing in corners, fretting and whining for no reason. I have no idea what's up with him. He's also standing in doorways looking at me for hours, whimpering and acting like he's just been told off.

Trying to find the charger for a hard drive yesterday - I found about 20 different and mostly useless and mysterious chargers and adaptors - I could throw them away - but then I'd find within 2 days I need them again.

My iPod crashed again yesterday. It's over 5 years old and really needs replacing - but I'm not ready to spend the money yet - nor do I expect to be for some time.

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