Thursday, 27 June 2013


I'm at home today - I have something I want to bury in the garden ( nothing sinister) and I need a break. Just waiting for my swollen eyes to open, after a long walk through some fields of seeding grass. Talking of which, the studio is being fumigated today - the pigeons that live in the roof void have infested us with mites - hence all of us having spots - and tiny little insects crawling over our screens. not nice.

I'm passing the time over breakfast by watching a documentary about Black Holes, it's very slow - obviously designed for people who have difficulty understanding things.

Last night, I bought some muesli. The box was an own brand design - and looks uncannily like their dog biscuit packaging, at the till - the young bloke stopped and did a double take, seeing the image on the front, he seemed to think that they were making dog biscuits out of girls.

My neighbours are having a new roof today - dunno how they can afford it - 2 small kids, he works part time in a garage, and they have 3 flat screen cinema scaled TV sets.

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