Thursday, 13 June 2013


Up early - ready for another day at work and a special treat tonight - going to see Helen Mirren in The Audience streamed live to the local Cinema - better not be the one night she has a stand in.

Really knackered this week already - working for myself tomorrow - might go for a late start and spend a bit of time tinkering with my accounts again.

Watched The Apprentice last night - the angry scouser got the boot - it was a strange episode, and clearly designed to create a TV show rather than give any of them the chance to actually win. 'Kurt' was an early favourite - but it felt like he's dot up in the morning, looked around and thought - these people are fucking idiots' - and just stopped trying. In the aftershow - he looked 10 years younger, and had all new teeth - I expect he was probably glad to get the fuck out of there. The annoying girl who cries a lot got the boot too - she was a fucking moron. Anyone who says they are 'passionate' about anything needs top be put to death in a religious themed public spectacle.

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