Sunday, 2 June 2013

Sunday Night

I spent all day cleaning the house, as I was expecting visitors to come and collect some furniture I didn't really have space for - it was a marathon effort, but the results were good. I was exhausted afterwards. I made a stir fry which gave me stomach cramps and then went out in the evening to watch the barn owls hunting over the woods and fields. After that - I came home and watched a load of dubbed films on youtube. I found a Dutch film that was basically Sean of the Dead with a slight plot twist - quite enjoyed it.

This morning, I was up later than usual - and at about 8.30, found myself invited to the big boot fair in Icklesham - we went on the bus. I was with a friend and her son, her partner was working. We've always got on well - her son is a real star and much brighter than most 8 year olds. He also insisted on holding my hand and this lead to us repeatedly being mistaken for a family group - which was quite nice and entertaining - so we got a discount getting in.

Came home and declined the opportunity to do any gardening and just had a very quiet day, felt tired all day so decided to 'go with it' and watched a load more dubbed films - it's not really improving my French - but I find it oddly relaxing. I couldn't be bothered to cook so I ate about 8 quids worth of steamed asparagus with butter and ate a very expensive piece of smoked cheese with crackers.  Seemed like a good idea at the time. I now have a can of very cold - almost alcohol free - lager. The air is thick with the stench of barbies and garden fires.

According to today's papers - everyone in government is a corrupt and greedy liar, and everyone in celebrity is a pederast or drug dealer - with a small portion in between who do both. So nothing changes.

I really couldn't care less about Matt Smith. My idea for the next Dr Who would be to get Sean Pertwee - his opening line would be 'I'm so tired I look like my own father'  - after that opening joke - I lose interest. As long as it isn't Miranda Hart.

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