Saturday, 29 June 2013


Up early, dogs walked - have some winged insect stuck in my eye - it refuses to budge.

Managed to get quite a lot done yesterday, including picking up a picture frame at random that was the exact shape I needed for an old letterpress print that has been languishing about the house for a couple of years.

I put some caustic soda down the drain at the back of the house - I'm convinced I can smell it in the dining room where it's a bit damp - if it turns out that the drain is cracked, I shall probably start crying - walk out of the house, and become a gentleman of the road..

I was in Smiths yesterday - the girl on the counter couldn't understand that I didn't want my 'free' copy of the Daily mail.

I'm supposed to go into town later - but I'm in two minds - really can't be bothered.

I'm confused as to why the Government assumes I want to know the death rates associated with surgeons - I would prefer to think that the hospital management was on the ball - rather than make it my fault if something goes wrong - because I made 'the wrong choices'. I don't think I'm going to be lying in the emergency room, flicking through pictures of potential butchers, saying 'oh - this one looks nice - but he had a bad month last June - can I have something younger with less experience who has been faced with less challenges" - they could give them all gold stars on badges - like MacDonalds, with black stars for 'fails'.

Talking of which - I may drop MacDonald's a line - the staff at my local are so shit I actually considered violence over a cup of copy - they may hate their hobs, but they don't have to go to so much trouble to let me know.

I caught a bit of a radio show last night about people with sociopath and psychotic characters. They attempted to identify Hitler, Stalin and Churchill as sociopaths. There was one woman, rather animated, who was there as an 'expert' who identified herself as a sociopath - talking about how people with her 'condition' don't care what other people think or feel. Bollocks, I suggest she probably cared quite a lot what people thought about her - I wouldn't be surprised if she spent a lot of time getting her hair right for the radio - the waves of self love and 'look at me, I'm special' flowing from the speaker made me turn off quickly.

I've managed to piss a few people off by making it clear I don't believe in capital punishment. Quite pleased about that.


Anonymous said...

I am pleased you have pissed people off by being against capital punishment.

There was something in one of the papers last week (if I remember correctly) about how Texas had just put to death their 500th prisoner. I did not read the body of the article as I did not want to know if it was the count for this year, this decade etc.

Steerforth said...

The Daily Mail promo didn't do very well in the Lewes branch of Smiths. I think they probably had to throw most of them away.

When my mother stayed here, she used to ask me to buy the Mail for her. I used to hang around the shop until it was empty, in case someone I knew caught me.

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