Friday, 28 June 2013


Everybody loves Friday.

Off to my studio later to catch up. I spent Thursday in the garden - achieved quite a lot - although not to the trained eye. I had the genius idea of getting rid of rubble by digging a deep hone and burying it where the path is going to be - the soil already infused with bricks, slates, broken glass and, in every spade full, a small piece of broken willow pattern china. The bits I have done, actually look a lot better now. One of the compost bins is now a giant ants nest. I found yet another mutilated Action Man in a shallow grave. Spending the day at home, without thinking about work, guilt free - was actually quite nice.

The studio I work in in-house was fumigated yesterday - the woman I work for had over 100 bites on her arms and legs - I'm hoping that's the end of it - the man from pest control didn't go into any details but apparently describes things on the roof as 'pretty bad'. I'll never look at pigeons in the same way again.

I'm going to get a haircut later today and do a few 'jobs' in town. The electricity bill finally turned up - a year late, and it's still estimated - it's also £400. I'm livid. They have given me 14 days to pay. I'm going to give them an accurate reading and inform them I intend to go elsewhere in future.

Woken at 5am by the small dog vomiting something unexplained and unidentified onto the rug in my bedroom - it might have been part of the chicken casserole I made at the weekend. Last night I made Spanish style chicken and tomato with rice. I had no idea what I was doing and guessed what to do by looking at the picture in the book without actually reading the recipe. To my surprise, it tasted great.

This year - I have no interest whatsoever in Glastonbury - not even a flicker. Thus has nothing to do with my advanced age - it just looks really dull this year.

Apparently it's going to rain later - a lot. I'm going to cycle into work and probably get a cab back - this means I can go to Morrissons and stock up on cheap stuff. There are a lot of Sales on at the moment - summer stock ( it hasn't really happened tis year, again) - I need some basic white T shirts, might have a punt around the shops.

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