Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Have a massive amount of work to do in 2 days then a big presentation in Leicester on Friday. Woke up in the night panicking that my maths has let me down, I have hundreds of pounds worth of vinyls being output and cut into intricate designs today and applied to 30 glass panels in London tomorrow - all different, all need to be accurate to the millimetre - and I had to work at quarter scale - quite scary - so I was up at 5am doing the maths again.

Very windy, gales due.

The Daily Mail is very upset, apparently - the fact that Romanians might soon start doing 'other' jobs means that fruit prices may rocket - out of the price range affordable by decent white British people. How can society hold itself together in these uncertain times if we cannot rely on a foreign slave class who work for starvation wages.

I found myself accidentally on the Sattchi online site - where you can buy 'affordable' art at unaffordable prices. Most art is bad art, that's not a criticism, just a statement of fact. Don't buy tat - just do your own.

Thing on the radio about the health services and A&E. Woman interviewed went to A&E because she had a fungal infection on her foot and eczema, doctor sent her to a foot clinic who suggested she also see a dermatologist - she felt 'messed about' so went to A&E. They should have amputated it for her - job done.

That idiot greyhound has developed a habit of dragging his duvet off the sofa, and then crying because he wants me to put it back on.

Griff Rhys Jones is complaining about a solar farm to be built by his home. I've always thought he was a wanker - I now know that it's a fact.

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