Wednesday, 8 May 2013


Among the fun things that happened yesterday, was getting a text from someone called 'Susan' to remind me to pay my Water rates.

I worked really hard yesterday, same concept again today. Very happy with the mix of projects we are getting in, lots of social sector and legal - plenty to get my teeth into.

Watched The Apprentice last night. Not seen it in some time. I have only ever watched it for light relief - last night was no exception. It's not about a job anymore - it's about money, £250,000 - so the contestants are vapid, aggressive, money grabbing idiots with no discernible skills, a neat line in bullshit, and nothing to recommend them in the real world. The women all look like hookers, except one, so she was obviously the first to go - asking a gang of Harpies for 'feedback' on her leadership skills indicated weakness - so they tore her to pieces without smudging their lip gloss, and the men are all pointless little thugs - one in particular looks like Danny Dyer and seems to struggle between the twin terrors of being almost self aware, and a monstrous little shit. He's probably going to win.

Not reading the papers for a while, it's all paedophiles, child molesters, greater horrors and 1980's light entertainment. I expect even Anita Harris leaves the house out with her hood up.

It's been raining hard for about 40 mins, the gardens probably need it - but I'm probably going to have to get a cab to work.

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