Tuesday, 7 May 2013


Both dogs have been awkward today - they refused to go on the long walk, and neither has touched their breakfast - one is digging up the garden and the other keeps trying to get on my bed. I'm thinking of leaving 'Shallow Grave' on a loop for them - they should get the idea eventually.

The weather is lovely - almost freakishly so - as it's already quite hot at 7am, I have the challenge of trying to decide what to wear here, something that suits the walk to work, my cold studio, the unpredictable air conditioning at the agency I'm working at and the wind chill factor at lunchtime.

Now Tarbuck - I didn't think there was anyone left - it didn't even make the lead story on the news - we must have pedo-fatigue ( not that I in any way suggest guilt etc ). I know that there is an argument on both sides, but I'm firmly on the anonymity side - for both parties in cases like this, until formal charges at the very least.

Scanned through the pictures from the Metropolitan Museum of Art's opening for the Punk Fashion exhibition. Really depressing, everything is a commodity - centrepiece is a very expensive chandelier made from razor blades. The only moment of real subversion was Vivienne Westwood wearing a Bradley Manning badge - they muted the sound on her TV interview - so much for freedom of speech. Madonna looked like a comedy hooker - the whole thing was a fancy dress party and very dishonest. All that money and unearned wealth ( which usually does not bother me ) was pretty depressing.

I'm really glad I didn't indulge in the festivities over the weekend - I'm sure it was great fun, but not what I wanted - you have to be in the mood to be drunk at 9am.

There isn't enough milk for museli, no bread for boiled eggs and I'm not sure I can be bothered to go out and buy any - making do with coffee instead. Might get something on the way in to work.

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