Saturday, 11 May 2013


Pretty tired today, worked really hard last week - but enjoyed it. Next week looks pretty busy too. Dogs walked - just thinking about breakfast before I make my way over to Brighton. Might go early and wander around the shops etc.

Just read that the death toll in the Indian clothing factory collapse has passed 1000, surprisingly little ( or perhaps not ) coverage.

Nadine Dorries has just sent out the following 'tweet' -

If David Cameron wants Conservative party to lose as many as fifty seats at next election he must push forward with the gay marriage bill

Hopefully one of them will be hers. She's only been back in the fold for a couple of days, all it took was the suggestion that she might defect to UKIP, and she was back with a smile. Idiot woman, idiot party.
The biggest revelation for me last week - we have a chap working with us who is about 20, he's been coding since he was about 8 years old - I can sit next to him and he codes in real time - this is the first time I've ever been able to work like that - it was a revelation. Suddenly - digital design 'works' for me.

I need a shave - it only takes me 2 weeks to grow a full beard, it became a subject of office speculation and debate last night - I think it's time to get the clippers out.

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