Monday, 13 May 2013


Grey, overcast, slightly colder than it should be, breezy.

Gearing up fr a busy day - not quite 'there' yet.

Watched the Nick Broomfield doc 'Chicken Ranch' about a Nevada brothel, I saw it many years ago - watching it again, it's much better than I remembered - regardless of how you feel about the subject matter - it's an astonishing piece of work. I did a bit of research later on, the manager - Walter, died in prison soon afterwards and was implicated in a number of murders - and Mandy, the girl who seemed to be bright, open and funny - and was fired for complaining about being ripped off by Walter - was herself murdered a couple of years after the film was made. I'd really like to know what happened to Connie - who seemed far too intelligent and self aware to find herself trapped in a lifestyle she clearly hated.

I was really tired yesterday, couldn't manage anything of any real consequence  just a bit of moderate cleaning. My hoover is rubbish, it needs replacing - although - when I think about it - I have only owned 2 vacuum cleaners in my entire adult life - both have been crap, I should really invest on a decent model. Talking of 'invest' - it's a good thing I have plenty of work on - looks like I have loads of expenses coming up - house stuff mostly.

Really looking forward to the bank holiday - I intend to spend it at home, in bed, doing nothing.

Watched a drama from ITV last night called 'murder on the Home Front' - based loosely the early pathology work in London during the 2nd world war. It was absurdly frothy and very silly - they clearly didn't have the budget the needed and some of the CGI was rubbish, or that might have been the point - realism was on holiday - but there were several scenes in the Tivoli Ballroom in London, which brought back a few fond memories.


violets_in_bloom said...

Just watched "Chicken Ranch" last night. I thought it was great. I too really want to know what happened to Connie. I loved her 70's eyebrows and short tightly permed hair, by the way. I'm a 70's-phile. And she reminded me a bit of my mum.

I've been searching the internet for anything about her, alas I can find nothing. If you happen to find out any Connie info, please let me know. Thanks.

Unknown said...

Same.^^^ .. loved it wish we knew more about all the girls esp Connie and Mandys murder!

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