Friday, 24 May 2013


Worked late - came home, went to bed.

We had a massive hail storm yesterday - proper freak weather style, like golf balls. It's now cold and wet. I woke up late ( I'm off today ) and couldn't be bothered to put the bins out - I'll regret that later.

Walked the dogs, half of my neighbours seem to be spring cleaning - loads of crap in skips and bins - unwanted kitchen stuff and one place with a massive pile of crappy xmas decorations, they have lined them up on their garden wall - in case anyone takes a fancy. One of my neighbours still has a Christmas wreath on their front door with shiny pink baubles. One of the local hoarders has the biggest skip I have ever seen outside his house.

I'm hoping to take Monday off too - I really need a break. I've been so tied up with work recently I've been avoiding everything. I also made a conscious effort not to watch the news. I'm glad I have not seen the Woolwich Killers on video - I don't want that in my head - why anyone feels the need to re-tweet and re-post on facebook is beyond me.

I'm supposed to be going to see this later today if I can work up the strength.

Slowly starting to wake up. Slowly.

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