Friday, 10 May 2013


Bloody knackered. Heavy work day lined up, going to be 'in-house'. Just getting my head together.

Had a meeting with a bloke yesterday about a book being written about an old employer, I did a lot of the big collage designs that appeared on trains in the south of England from about 1989 onwards - he was astonished and a bit overwhelmed that I had 35 of the original artworks, still in good condition etc - the British Transport Museum are keen on them and there is some talk about merchandising - but nobody really understands who the copyright belongs to.

In Brighton again tomorrow and at home on Sunday - looks like a really busy week lined up for next week. Having a bit of time off at the end of July.

Have to have a big discussion today about a project that is... and isn't... about legal aid, and how to tackle a difficult and uncertain industry - big learning curve.

Yesterday, I decided to save 50p buy getting a salad from Tesco rather than M&S - big mistake, it was crap - a horrible, cold pasta dish with a plastic tasting sauce. I have learned my lesson.

Made the mistake of watching 2 episodes of The Apprentice this week - still a seething ball of anger and resentment that these people walk the same streets as me.

Watched something on the news the other day, the Queen at parliament, black rod, people in ermine and red capes... and I though, why are we still doing this??

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